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  • What services do Pivot provide?
    Pivot provides mentorship plans and fitness training plans for students. -Mentorship options range from 1 month to 6 month commitments. Plans are administered on a hybrid model: mix of in person and virtual sessions. -Fitness Training is provided in a small group setting from Sept-Feb, personal training options are available year-round
  • What is the first step in booking with Pivot?
    A free consultation call is the first step in booking services. We will discuss the demographics of your child and the needs of your family. You can fill out an interest form on our "Offerings" page to be contacted for a consultation call.
  • How do I get involved in Pivot's community service projects?
    Please complete our volunteer intake questionnaire. Specific instructions on how to get involved in community service events will be sent out via newsletter and posted on website & social media prior to the event. If you have a community project you would like to see come to fruition and need a team to execute you, please connect with us to see how we can combine resources and serve our communities.
  • What is Pivot Social Services?
    A community organization that includes a team of loving leaders with varying expertise. These individuals provide education to youth focused on self-awareness and as-needed services to the community including but not limited to community clean ups, give back events, wellness & motivational workshops, fundraising, tutoring, and mentoring).
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